The Pill – Chapter 2 – We just want the pill

Read chapter 1 first

Author: Mellon

[Recording of the hearing of Angelica Winters on the charge of destruction of public property.]

–          This is interviewer Sgt. Johnston. Answering is Angelica Hope Winters, age 24, on the count of one charge of…

–          Richard. It’s Richard, please.

–          Richard?

–          Yes. Richard.

–          Is this your ID that you were carrying? Angelica Hope Winters? Social security number Five, Four, Zero…

–          Yes, Yes it’s mine… But it’s wrong. My name is Richard. Richard Winters.

–          Can you confirm that this is you on the photo?

–          Yes, it’s a photo of me.

–          Is something wrong with this ID? Because the chromosome signature matches up to the National Healthcare Database for Angelica…

–          No, it’s me. It’s my ID card. It’s legal… dammit!

–          Is there a problem Angelica?

–          Could you please just call me Richard? That’s what I go by. All my friends call me that. The ID card is old and I’m trying to change it.

–          Richard? But that’s a man’s name. It says “Sex: Female” here.

–          Yes it does, it fucking does… Doesn’t it?

–          Has there been a mistake? You even have the Secure Driver Holo, verifying your double X-chromosome.

–          Yes, alright, alright, I know. But my name, my real name is Richard. Please?

–          Alright. Richard, let’s go by that. Note to the stenographer: The answering Angelica Hope Winters will be addressed as Richard for the hearing.

–          Thank you miss Johnston.

–          It’s Sergeant Johnston.

–          Yes, of course. I’m sorry. Titles are important. Right?

–          Yes, indeed. Now, tell me… ehm, Richard. How do you plead to this charge of destruction of public property that you stand accused of?

–          I’ve done nothing wrong.

–          I see. Well, this report I have in my hand here, it states that you were apprehended while applying stickers to the doors of the Governmental Office building downtown.

–          I’m sure it does.

–          I have two apprehending officers and one surveillance recording in support of this report.

–          …

–          Do you recognize yourself on this surveillance video?

–          Yeah. Yes. All right. That’s me. I put those stickers up.

–          These stickers? “All men are men!”, “We just want the P”, “Down with the cis-tem!”.

–          Yes. Those are my stickers. I put them up on the Pill-office.

–          So, you do confess to the destruction of public property?

–          Fuck you! It’s your laws that are destroying us!

–          I’m sorry, Ange… Richard. I don’t follow. Do you oppose to the laws protecting public property?

–          No, for fucks sake! Your laws, those that keep us from the Pill! Your fucking laws that force us to go through life treated like pariahs judged for all these fucking emotions!

–          I’m… Would you like to expand on that statement?

–          I only want to be treated like a man! I’m so tired of everyone claiming that I’m too emotional and active and ambitious and caring! You have no idea what it’s like to be expected to care this much!

–          I’m sorry to hear that you feel that way. And I’m proud to say that I’m a highly appreciated instructor in empathy and de-escalation techniques. I certainly understand the expectation to care, we’re both women after all.

–          NO! That’s not… I’m not a woman. I’m a man! And I, just, want, the, Pill. I want the same right as any other man!

–          Oh, oh, I understand. I apologize. I meant to say that since we are both double X-chromosomes, we have the same natural tendency towards…

–          No! Stop! Please, please stop. I… goddammit. Fuck!

–          …

–          I’m sorry about the outburst officer… I didn’t mean to…

–          That’s all right Richard. I understand this is a highly emotional subject for you?

–          That’s not… I don’t want to be… OK… Please, Sergeant Johnston, you have my confession. May I go now?

–          I… ehm, yes. Yes, I guess this hearing is concluded.

–          Thank you, officer.

–          Ehm… do you mind if I ask you a personal question?

–          Yes. I really do mind.

–          Oh… But I only want to know how…

–          Good bye Sergeant Johnston.

–          Good bye Richard.

[End of recording]



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