My eyes

My Eyes

by anonymous


“My eyes are up here,” he said.

I flinched and realized I had been staring at his bare underarms. Smiling I met his annoyed stare.

“I am sorry,” I said slow and deliberate. “I got lost in thoughts.”

His cheeks were red, and the redness crept down to his neck.

We stared at each other for a second longer, and then I couldn’t help myself, so I did it again. I just marveled in the smoothness of his skin, and how exquisite it was when the sweater met the whiteness of the thin skin on the upper side of his underarms. I wanted to lick it.

He saw my repeated gaze and made the strangest little sound. Then he angrily collected his papers and went out the door. Guess he wouldn’t get the job after all. A shame. With arms like these, he could have gone far at this workplace.


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