O, Chako Paul City

O, Chako Paul City

by Kalashnicore


O, Chako Paul City! How your ceilings is shining in the morning sun

The northern airs mirror your glory, where

the women walk free, their steps unculled, unhindered

How they laugh in the light, the sharp unyielding light

And when they touch, they think of no man


O, Chako Paul City! The pleasures of your glass veiled gardens

No shame has ever been felt in them, only the delight

Warm is the bodies that reside there, sun kissed and home

The lips, how they plump and filled with lust meet

And when they touch they think of no man


O, Chako Paul City! Your streets shall I wander no more

I shall go quietly, dreaming about the joys of you

Rightfully you have taken your fee from me, an undesired

I saw things no man is allowed to see, I took it from you

Because when they touch, they think of no man


O, Chako Paul City! How my arms are hurting in the sunny rays, shackled

I am ready for death, I am ready to pay, to perish

When noon falls upon this square, my life is not mine

It is yours to take, Chako Paul! I give it to you, to rip

And when they touch me, I am man no more



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