Hunted to extinction

Hunted to Extinction: The deadliest catch

by Wonderkarin


Margaret had been raised near the brim, the edge of the grand forest where the technology of the old world was often still found scattered and rotting. Her mother, being built like an oxen and almost as strong as one had raised her five daughters on what she earned trading and selling what they all collected out of scrap metal and precious metals found in ancient electronics. Margaret knew the brim well and, beyond childhood, had never been scared of venturing far from the larger female settlements of the inner forests.  

Her mother had taught her more than where the old world deposited its sought after treasurers, more than about where the deer found it’s path to the drinking water or how to snare a hare. Margaret’s mother had taught her well about how and where to hunt for men.

Her mother’s success in the felling of men had in the long run granted her five female live births.

When Margaret’s mother no longer ventured out into the Brim, Margaret herself started taking it upon herself to train students with the right set of skills and mindset. She had brought such a student with her for the last couple of days, her name being Zara.

Zara was slight and nimble, with tiny hands but surprisingly broad shoulders and a true talent for climbing trees. Margaret especially liked how quiet and attentive Zara was during lessons, in contrast to her more humorous personality at home.

Live male births were rare all over the forest, and it was even rarer for the men to survive into adulthood. The amount of trading goods needed for laying with a man was beyond what Margaret was willing pay to his mother. She was a daughter of the Brim and as such she knew there were other men out there. Men from the city. They game in clusters, raiding parties, expeditions. They came with gear, and guns, and helmets, armour and electronics. They came by vehicles that needed roads for transportation, but as the brim starts, the roads run out.

The men came to hunt for women.

Margaret’s mother had told her that the men from the city, who looked much different from the few men of her own people, hunted for women yet could not afford to keep them for themselves. If they caught a woman and managed to subdue her, she would be carried far away from the forest and the brim and most probably be sold to a richer man, so that he could force himself on her and in time make her pregnant. Maybe hoping that she, just like women in the forest would have live female births. Not that Margaret’s mother knew for sure, as no woman and reliable source had returned from the city. What she knew came from captured city men who after being worked on for some while often shared quite uninhibitedly about their life in the city. Hunting men were only as rich as their few successful hunts allowed them to be, and to venture all the way to the brim was costly and risky.

Margaret waved her hand for Zara to come closer on the animal path they were currently using to get through the brim.

“My guess is that we are close to the area where I heard engines before.”

She took her backpack off her shoulders in one smooth motion and unpacked the soft painted skin with her scouting map of their surroundings. She followed the markings representing the remains of the old fence, the creek they passed together at noon and tapped with certainty at another marking.

“There is a opening in the forest that might have been a cleared campsite in the old world, they could be using that as the last stop for their vehicle and enter the Brim from there.”

Zara was listening and nodded in agreement.

“I think it is time you train a little bit on what we talked about at the scouting rest?”

“Yes, I’ll have a look and a listen around.”

“Very well, and I will approach against the wind, smell for anything that is burning.”

It was dark when the two women reconvened to compare their information. Zara reported two vehicles abandoned outside the brim which would probably be worth the risk of leaving cover if they had been out raiding for parts and resources. The men who had used them as transportation had headed west into the brim, burdened with a lot of equipment strapped to their bodies. Margaret had figured that a well equipped camp had been established quite near the edge of the Brim, at the old world camp site and that the men now were burning some kind of fuel that was not wood and cooking some kind of meat based meal. That much could be established without actually getting a line of sight, but instead relying on smell alone.


“So, Owen.” Aidan’s deep voice boomed by the cooking station, close enough to Owen’s ear to make the young man preparing their evening meal look up with a startled look on his face. “you’ve never fucked a woman I gather.”

“Oh come on Aidan.” Ben retorted from his place on one of the logs, taking his lips from the vaper he used to inhale his calmers. “Are you going to regale us with the tale about how you lost your vaginal virginity again?”

“Shut up lover, you know I’d never trade your hard body for any pussy. At least not permanently.”

They shared a warm look for a few seconds before Ben blew Aidan a kiss, giving him space to continue.

“Anyway, I was 21 and it was before I met Ben. I was a very good looking teen, no scars or anything and this much older man in the senate had really taken a liking to me. He had a generally good reputation and I think a lot of good will still comes my way because of my relationship with him. As you know people are willing to invest in me. He had two wives then, I guess he has more now. But no kids. Like zip, nada. No sons to inherit him and absofuckinglutely no daughters.”

The men sitting around them, some reading, some tending to weapons and equipment, chuckled.

“So after we had been going out for a few years and regularly doing all the things a young man does for his mentor.” Aidan made a gesture in front of his face with his hand and pressed his tongue against his cheek, mimicking sucking on a penis.

“I swear some of his tongue work comes from this!” Ben said loud enough for everyone to hear. The men laughed out loud this time, relaxed by the overall atmosphere and their vapers.

“Not all of it. So we had stable relationship when he tells me had my cum tested. Just like that. Out of the blue. He tells me that it’s all good and he wants me to have sex with one of his wife when she is ovulating. He gives me some time to think about it, but I totally get that it’s not really up to me if I want to stay on his good side.”

The youngest of the men, Owen, who was still working on the food, had almost stopped stirring the ingredients together and instead is listening to the tales of his leader with a transfixed look in his eyes.

“Now, I mean, I tried my best and I think she did her best to help out. As long as everything aligned with my mentors body I was fine. Rub there, kiss the neck, run my fingers through her hair. Licking her ears, taking everything slow. Trying not to be nervous about how to handle tits, as I’ve never been with a fat man. If I remember it correctly I overcompensated by rubbing her ass real hard and good all over instead. When it came to advancing to between the legs I was at a loss. So here was her advice. Stroke the inner thighs, work from the outer to the inner, towards the middle. Kisses are good, blowing on the hair or stroking it. Then holding or gently rubbing the outside a bit harder, waiting for moisture to come from the inside. And don’t forget the rest of the body while doing this. She had me using one hand pinching her nipple as my other hand worked on her wetness, spreading it over her clitoris. And then helping it with my mouth and tongue.”

“That was a lot of work before getting to the fucking” Ben punctured the monologue.

“All of it was fucking! Sure, I knew I had end with thrusting my dick inside her and cum to finish the mission. But do you think I wanted a life time opportunity of fucking a woman to be over quickly?” Aidan’s retort had the men laughing, content with the story’s punchline. The food was ready and Owen served them all before eating the last serving, lost in thoughts about soft humans he had never even seen in his real everyday street life. Humans with tits and clitorises.

The men had started out early the next day, but it had been hard to follow the original plan in the thick forest. Anything that looked like path sooner or later seemed to turn in on itself, and as they had discovered when they entered the Brim only short range locators and audio worked. It was like being forced to work their way forward blindfolded. Tempers were starting to run high as the temperature rose despite the shade of the trees leaving the forest in almost complete shade. It was a sticky heat, and sweat got in their eyes and made equipment chafe in places no one wanted a rough patch. Once Ben picked up the sound of running water on the audio enhancer Aidan ordered everyone to head to the stream to refill water bottles using their filters, but also to wash off sweat and grime and cool down.

As Owen and one of the other youngsters had to wait their turn and instead were sent up to higher ground to stand guard, Aidan and Ben helped each other get out of gear. Ben bent down to undo his and Aidan’s heavy black trail boots, and then unbuckled his leaders belt buckle, that held both supply bags to his hips but also held the knife vest tight to the upper body. He shot his lover a sly look from knee standing position and then slided back up to standing close to Aidan as Aidan lifted his own safety gear above his head. Now only the breathable fabric of their body suits where between them and Ben felt the heat radiating from the other man. He couldn’t help but put his hand in an loving grip where Aidan’s muscular shoulder met his neck and give his Adam’s apple the gentlest squeeze with his thumb. He felt Aidan cock reacting, the beginning of an erection and turned around.

“will you help me get my shirt of?”

Aidan growled appreciatively and pressed himself close to Ben while getting the last few pieces of weaponry and clothes of. When both were naked they got down into the water, bellies down.


Margaret had a great view of the big stream from where she was straddling a big branch of the the grand old maple tree. It had served her well as a stake out point before, as the water pooled near the small the waterfall and both large and small wild life came by to drink. When hunters were equipped with blow darts or a small bow and arrow they could sometimes shoot their game without even alerting the animal as the sound of the waterfall covered smaller sounds and the leaves hid the hunter.

She saw the alpha and his beta partner get into the water. Both men were muscular and almost the same height but they differed in age, coloration and amount of body hair. The Alpha seemed to be the older one, in his 40ies and carried most of his muscular weight in his shoulders, and breasts. He had a good head of dark blonde hair but his chest and stomach seemed shaved all the way down to his genitalia, or maybe the hair was too light to be seen from the distance she was at. The Beta made his way through the water to the alpha and started rubbing the alphas back with some sand and water mixed as his leader relaxed. The Beta was more heavy set, and when he was making his way down into the water she had seen his large dark bush almost covering his genital area, and reaching a tendril up towards his navel. His chest, back and arms had more of this thick brownish hair, it looked soft and curly before it got wet. Margaret imagined brushing her hand over his stomach, feeling his hairs, making her way down to stroke him.

She focused more on the two men, feeling her mouth get dry and a familiar pressure building in her labia and clitoris. A sensation of glide on the inside.

She hadn’t been able hear what they had been saying to each other, but now the alpha seemed to be getting more than a back rub. He was had lifted his upper body and groin from the stream, and leaned on his elbows against a rock behind him, as the beta was stroking and kissing his member. Margaret knew that this was what men had instead, a clitoris that extended outside of their bodies. Her mother had a book with a lot of very good drawing of men and male bodies in it, and as a girl she had asked a thousand questions before starting her own outings into the brim. Felling men was one thing, seeing two of them pleasing each other filled her thoughts. She licked her lips and remembered to catch her breath as the beta swallowed the member whole and started slowly bobbing his head up and down while the alpha looked ecstatic. Margaret leaned towards the tree trunk, put her cheek against the bark and widened her legs so that her now pounding vagina made contact with the rough bark through the slippery but soft inside leather of her pants. It felt good to gently sway back and forth with her hips, so that there was a rubbing motion over her clitoris. Back and forth.

The alpha seemed to have gotten his share and they seemed to be getting up from the water and leaving their semi secluded place behind the large rock when the alpha embraced the beta from behind in clear view of the other bathing men. He kissed him with some force behind it and let one hand rest on the front of the betas neck, a demonstration of power, while the other hand first gently pulled on chest hair, then on the tendon of hair connecting the genitals with the navel, then the genital hair. The betas cock responded, and now Margaret could se it was not hidden at all, but only a darker color than his lovers. The lighter man, still holding the beta up by standing behind him, began masturbating the member to full size. Extra skin was pulled back and forth over the head of the penis.

Margaret bit her lip and felt as if her mouth was dry as parchment. She then carefully shifted so that she only had one hand to keep her steady, and slid the other under her clothes. She couldn’t stand just rubbing against the tree any more. If she could just get some fingers in she knew she could get all the way. Her hand was cold at first but then became warm and slippery and just had the right resistance in rubbing against the top of her clitoris. As she looked at the Alpha’s power demonstration making his lover come of in front of his flock, Margaret orgasmed through clenched teeth. Her buttocks cramped through the sheer force and pleasant chills went up her stomach and down her thighs.


After the midday bath and meal the men caught a lucky break not far from the stream. Ben, who had their only audio enhancer strapped back on said he had picked up voices south south west as soon as they got away from the noise of the waterfall. Soon after that a flock of bird were disturbed in the same direction and relocated. In the afternoon they found remains of a butchered deer, with all the good meat taken. After that, it only took an hour to catch up with the hunter, who was slowed down by the amount of meat she was carrying. As Aidan stood over her, looking down at her face who had a few specks of deer blood on it and her neck with the tracker necklace on it, he felt a surge of pride swell up. The investment had paid off, he’d be able to pay of his debt.

They all celebrated, drinking and vaping, all the time making sure their catch got a puff of Bens vaper containing his calmers. She giggled and slouched against Ben a little bit after each time, even accepting a hot meal from Owen when he offered her a cup with extra syrup on top of it. Her eyes were like almonds, and freckles were splashed on her nose and cheeks. From time to time she would say something, but neither of them understood her dialect.

“ If anything she seems to accept Ben, more than any of us.” Aidan had a bruise on his cheek from where she kicked him earlier. “Ben, I think you should go for it. I’d like for you to have the experience as well. Just don’t..damage the merchandize.”

“If you say so. We’ll just be in here then.” Ben picked her up, easy, and carried her into his and Aidan’s sleeping module where it was a little more private. He never did like feeling naked and exposed in front of the other men.

She was warmer than he would have thought, when he slid his hand under the garment that made out her top to feel her. She smelled musky and of smoke and blood. She wasn’t fighting his hands at all, but instead pressed herself against him. The vaper seemed to work very well on her. Some where just more susceptible to it, and maybe her slighter frame and weight made it all the more powerful. He stroked her back, down into her pants and felt her rounded buttocks, and then found that the pants gathered in the side and were quite easy to get off with one hand if one pulled the right string. His hand found the hairy and moist patch between her legs, the clitoris protruding between her labia and he rounded it with one of his fingers. What was he supposed to do now? When he penetrated Aidan they always worked on each other for some time and took it slow. He let his fingers explore, semi hard clitoris, like the end of a nose, and behind it his fingers glided between soft folds of skin and into the woman. He was inside her with the tip of two of his fingers, and tried massaging towards himself, while putting a thumb on the clit. She heaved herself up on her toes a few times, and settled back on his hand, rubbing against it before pushed his hand aside. He undid his belt buckle, and let his black pants fall to the floor and sat down on the bed of the module and pulled her back to him.

She climbed up on him, straddled him and leaned in towards his chest while guiding his cock between them and into her. Bem moaned quietly, it was a different sensation than with his partner Aidan, it really was. His legs felt weak and he was grateful that he was already sitting down on the bed with her on top of him. In silence only disturbed by their irregular breathing she rode him and leaned backwards and clenched some kind of inner muscles as he finished inside of her. She slid down to the floor and looked up at him, unreadable.

As he started to calm down she started kissing his inner thigh, and worked her way upwards combining kisses and licking. But as she was reaching the scrotum he suddenly felt a sting from where her mouth should have been.

Ben felt the meat of his upper thigh on the left side seize up, starting at the area where he had felt the stinging sensation. His member that had been gaining a new erection instead went limp as the numb sensation reached it. He grabbed the wild woman by the hair and saw her grin with a vicious glint in her eye as she moved in closer to him and planted a wet kiss on his mouth while simultaneously taking the expensive tracker from his vest. She spit what looked like a needle on the floor. His hand first shook, then was overcome with weakness and she untangled her dreads from his fingers as he slumped to her feet, unable to cry out to the others. His head and gazed was fixed in the opposite direction and all he registered of her escape was her naked feet jumping back into her reinforced leather boots, and the sound of her taking one of their protection vests and fastening a few of the buckles before stepping over him. The last thing that left was her distinct female smell as fresh forest air replaced it. The naked skin on his stomach, loins and legs prickled in the cold.


Margaret made her way back to the meeting point with her trinkets and her satisfaction. Zara stood up as soon as she came within hearing distance and made the identifying bird call. Margaret answered and snuck up as quietly as she could.

“I’m done, I’m fine. How about you?”

Zara gestured to a sleeping figure wrapped in her blanket.

“I think he is very young. But he is strong and has good soft hands. For being a city boy he really tried to please me.”
“I am glad, you deserve the best.” Margaret planted a big wet kiss on Zara’s mouth.
“Was it hard to catch him?” she asked.

“Actually not, if I understood his dialect, he was actually trying to find anyone of us. To get help for you.”

“Does he have a name?”


“That would be their omega, you did good, best bet is always to isolate the omega from the flock when you are hunting men.”



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