The exception, I am sure

by Frk Fallsdalen



”No, Anna. I will not allow it and that is my definite answer.”

”You won’t even hear me out?”

”It’s not gonna make a difference, Anna.”

”Please?!” Her cheeks flustered with frustration and humiliation.

”It’s not safe, and it is not possible.”

”You don’t understand, it’s not like that, we…” She caught herself just in time.

”You what, Anna?”

”No, I didn’t mean it like that, I…” Her eyes kept burning from the tears she furiously failed to wipe away.

”You what, Anna?” The tone, suddenly sharp like a whiplash, made Anna recoil.

”What have you done?”

”Nothing.” Annas’ voice was barely more than a regretfull whisper now.

”Oh for the love of, do you honestly think that I’m refusing you out of spite, Anna?”

”No, I…”

”Do you think that the law, Anna, is sprung simply out of some chaotic evil?”

”No.” Annas’ arms hugged her legs now, anxcious to avoid the lurid anger of her mother.

”Have I managed to teach you nothing of our history? Anna, you don’t know how it was, it…”

”Yes, I do know how it was!” Anna bursted with irritation like a spark, that exploded her dormant rage.

”I do know, you have told me a hundred times,” Anna continued, rising to her feet. ”I know all about the wars, the inhumane poverty of the ill-fortunate, the cruelty of those governments. I have read all there is to know about the exploration of the former third world, I know it all, mother! You always say that the laws are for the good of all, but what of them? How can they be held responsible for what happened a couple of hundred years ago? I have been told, I’m not a child anymore, I know the facts, but you don’t understand! You don’t even know him, Eric is not like that, really, he is…”

”He is what, Anna,” her mother interrupted her again, utterly tired of this argument. ”He is different? Is this Eric, whom you have known, what a month, mabye two? Is he the exclusion? Is he, mabye, the only male to have been born with a tendency to empathy? Is he without the destructive force of mankind? Huh? It is abundantly clear to me now, that you have failed to understand the most basic concepts of how the world works and why. I don’t even know how you manage to meet this male, you’re not allowed even the possibility of exposure to intergendered interaction before you’re 21! If the authorities find out, Anna, what then, huh? What then? Did you even stop to consider that, while you were, what, basking in the glory of this male, this “Eric”? This is exactly why we have these laws. You’re not able to make mature decisions regarding males yet and you have to learn. It is for your own safety. You’re not ready for the responsibility it means to be a foreman to them, and with this affective tendency towards them, Anna… mabye you never should be.” 

”Mom, please… I love him.”    

”Anna, sweetie. That’s just not possible. Intergendered love is just a fairytale, a story of old. Honey, there have been no such thing for ages. In time, when you’re good and ready, you will meet someone real and fall in love the way it is supposed to be. What you think that you feel now is just a romanticized idea of something that the mankind taught us to believe in, in order to control and keep people, us, oppressed! This is not just some progaganda that I’m repeating in order to hurt you, darling. This is science, history and fact. You will have to learn this… and this supposed love that you have invented it’s just not… real.”

At her last words, Anna burst in to inconsolable and heartbroken tears, bolting from the room as her mother reached for her with open arms. Oh, how she whished she could have shielded her daughter from the cruel and unfair fantasies from the Male era. There were and had always been self-absorbed artists, politicians and individualist who argued that it was important to remember and to learn from the dark past of our societies. You could always find some obscure part of a work of art or a poorly censored history book that included this perverted form of “love” as an exotic ingredient. Clearly, they didn’t raise children themselves, she sighed. Anna had always been the dreamer, reluctant to embrace her responsibilities. She had tried to give her daughter space, she reminded herself. After all, she knew perfectly well what a struggle it was to grow up. Alas, it seemed like her tactic of understanding had backfired on her and she would have to switch approach. She couldn’t understand how Anna had managed to meet a male in the first place? The laws about interaction wasn’t only for show, after all. You’d think that the walls and the secluded areas would help protect their young from male, but no, her daughter had to find a way around it of course. She hid her face in her hands and tried to make order to the chaotic train of thought she engaged in. Her watch told her that it was almost three hours until her wife would return home. Right now it felt like forever, she couldn’t deal with any more feelings from her daughter right now. No, first she would have to take care of this male that had caught her daughter’s attention, make sure he was relocated. What did she call him, Eric? What a name, she snorted. Like Erica, but male? How silly.  


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  1. Good story! I really liked the phrase ” something that the mankind taught us to believe in”, it gives a new meaning to the word ”mankind” by using the definite article.



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