The Prying Maiden

by Kalashnicore

James wasn’t aware that he’d probably followed her scent for hours. Maybe for days. He only understood when he saw the tent. It was nothing much from the outside.  A simple rawhide construction apparently draped at the big boulder it resided against. In the fading light of the day the golden ray from the opening seemed inviting and alluring. A oasis in the harsh semi desert of the southern plains. He should have known better. It should have been a warning sign that he got the idea to search for cactai by himself. Was he then already under her spell? He couldn’t tell. Why hadn’t he told anyone where he went? He had just gone right into the waste, without a plan. Now when the lure was broken it all seemed so utterly foolish. Damn it, he was in real trouble.

Was he fast enough? And suddenly he found himself right beside the tent. His feet had moved without him even noticing. He needed to think. He felt by his side, did he have his gun? Yes, well, then he wasn’t completely fucked. There were men that had lived to tell the tale of meeting a Maiden. They weren’t many, but he had heard of them. He took the gun and slowly powered it up. It took only a second but felt like hours. Had she heard the low whirring of the solar cells? He held the gun behind his back while his feet crossed the rawhide of the tent door.

She was magnificent. Her nesting in the tent was elegant, and full of good taste. It was beautiful. Lacelike structures of Maiden ebony dwelled under her, supporting her where she lay. Her black hair was glistening in the light of the little lamps. She was naked, with long leg spread wide over the throne she made for herself. She smelled wonderful, intoxicating, making his head spin. He couldn’t get lost in that scent, then he would be fucked for sure, then the gun would be useless. He tried to shake his head to clear his thoughts. She smiled, and it was radiant. White sharp teeth framed by ruby red lips. Eyes that seemed to know him intimately.

“James,” she said. “Welcome to my nest.”

He didn’t know if his voice would crack or not, but it was surprisingly steady when he responded. “How… do you know my name?”

She laughed softly and made an uninterested gesture towards a interpad in a corner. “I have means,” she said, and then turned her mesmerising gaze at him again. “You are my choice.”

“Why?” Was it pride he felt? Oh by all gods, she was so desirable. He didn’t care about… No, keep head calm and cool, James, he thought. Get out alive. Live to tell the tale.

“Because I want my child to be an artist, and a dreamer, just like you. I love how you see the world, James. You should be proud. My child, our child will be magnificent.”

“What will happen if it is a boy?”

“I will send it to your city, just as custom dictates. He will not miss anything in this world.”

“And if it is a… Maiden?”

“I will teach her everything about life. About the hunt. About you.”

There was a silence. He tried to look behind her, just over her shoulder, and not into her eyes. Or her sex. He could feel the heat coming out from it, the core of her magic hold over him, rolling over him in warm, thick waves.

“She will be beautiful, James. Don’t you want that?”


“Then undress.”

Now was the time to take his stand. The gun seemed like such a small comfort now. His hands were sweating, and what if he dropped it? And how could it protect him from this giant goddess? He wanted her. He wanted to plunge his dick deep inside her. In fact, he had never wanted anything more in his life. But instead he took the gun from behind him with shaky fingers and pointed it towards her heart. Jeez, was her heart even located in the same place as his? He had to take the chance it was. His finger reached for the trigger and then… nothing. She smiled and cocked an eyebrow.

“A fighting one? James, I thought better of you.” He should have just shot her without even aiming. Even before laying eyes upon her, just spraying that damn tent with bullets. Maybe then he’d had a chance. She was fast as a snake. With an almost lazy slap she knocked the gun out of his hand.

“I said, undress. Let me have a look at you.”

He knew then that he would not get away. And it was almost a relief. He unbuttoned his dirty shirt and let his dusty cargo pants fall to the floor. She licked her lips and took his chin in her hand. He didn’t try to shy away from her, why would he? She had defeated him. He was hers.

“I like the ones that try to fight me better. It makes for good offspring and an easier birth. And feistier children.” She smiled and her grip was still firm, but now also in some way tender. Her other hand stroked his penis. It sprang to action with almost painful eagerness. A moan came out from his pressed lips, and tears started to leak from his eyes. He was ready for her. So ready. She took her hand from his chin and with a soft motion led him in between her legs. She guided his penis inside her and without prompting he started to move inside her. It was a bliss he’d never felt before, an overflowing ecstasy that just kept on growing for every thrust. It felt like hours, just standing there, being inside her, being surrounded by her, drawing in more of her scent for every breath. The climax was coming at last, inevitable. He screamed with pleasure as he ejaculated inside her, and still in the delirium of the waves of the intense orgasm, he hardly noticed her hands around his head. He just continued thrusting, howling like a madman. When her sharp white teeth bit into his neck, it was just a natural part of it. He welcomed it, he wanted it. Her lips was as soft as her teeth was hard. It was unbearable. The pleasure was all consuming. It was death.

She ate him slowly and with love. He was one of the best she had in a great while.  



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