There’s a Monster in My Basement, You See

By susvej

”There’s a monster in my basement, you see,” the man said.

”Sometimes it gets out. But mostly I manage to keep it in there.”

He finished, and put the knife aside. He carefully swept the pieces of liver onto a small plate, and then busied himself with cleaning the cutting board of every last little bit. He raised his beautiful eyes to her face.

”But now, if we are two, we can fight it together.”

She said nothing, but looked at the plate.

”It’s not its fault, you see,” he continued, fingers hugging the plate. ”It has a really tragic story. Wasn’t always a monster. Wasn’t always so filled with hate and need.”

He reached for her hand and her gaze, but she’d focused on the tiny opening set into the bolted cellar door. Just big enough for a plate.

”You could tame it. I know you could.” He had a beautiful voice too,

She took a deep breath.

”Yeah, no.”

The man blinked in confusion.

”No,” she clarified, again. ”Just no. I’ll be going now.”

And then she took her hat and gloves and the beautiful coat, and walked out.

And that was the end of that.



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