A Short Guide to Objectification of Men

by Eli W 


Hug him and tell him he is beautiful. That he is beautiful to you, whatever happens. Hold him, very lovingly and soft, stroke him until he relaxes in your arms. Say that you will tell him everyday until he believes you.



Undress him slowly. Say that you want to see him clearly. That he is precious to you, that his body delights you.



Tell him to spin in front of you. Very slowly. Say that he is beautiful again. Tell him that he is lovely.



Stop him gently and caress his jaw, move his face up so you can smell his neck. Tell him he smells wonderful. Remark on his small sighs of pleasure.



Take his arms and put them behind his neck. Touch the rest of his body, very softly. Tell him that he is the most beautiful thing you ever saw. If he cries, comfort him. If he ask you to stop, stop. Ask him if he want you to continue. If he does, proceed.



Put him down on a bed. Caress and stroke him until he comes with soft moans. It will build trust. When you do, tell him he is so precious to you. That his pleasure is beautiful.  



Hold him afterwards. If he cries, stroke his hair and tell him you love him. Tell him that it was beautiful to be able to do that to him. Tell him you love him. That you care for him. That he is a jewel. Kiss him softly on his eyelids, tell him again that it is ok to cry. That it is beautiful when he does. That his trust is everything to you.



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