Velvet Noose

By Aureli Part one - the offence One glance. A single look that strayed too far and stayed a bit too long. Idle eyes seen as hungry eyes as soon as the others saw him. They noticed him from across the café and started tapping away at their phones, they stared back at him in... Continue Reading →


The Trade

  By Kalashnicore They met in an open space, naturally rounded, like an amphitheatre made of hills. It wasn’t the traditional place for such meetings, but it would do. Everybody could sit down and watch, and there was plenty of room for the horses outside the formation. They had made camp on  opposite sides of... Continue Reading →

You Never Ask a Lady’s Age

  by susvej "You could stay," the young man in the bed suggested behind lowered eyelashes. Annikka gave him a fond smile as she hunted around her cabin. It had been nice, but not very energetic - he was a little too inexperienced for that. So really, how could her underwear have gone missing so... Continue Reading →

It is yours

By Texbrus              “NO! Don’t take it!” Ania screamed, but it didn’t sound that heartfelt. A slave put a moist cloth on her forehead and changed her sheets. The midwife threw her an overbearing glance as she left the hut with the boy, it was still screaming. They both knew... Continue Reading →

When Princess Turned Woman

By Susvej The last time Neil ever spoke to his daughter was a warm summer morning. Somehow, during these last few days, the promise of spring had been seamlessly transformed into the fullness of summer. “Daddy, daaaaddy… daddy, daddy, daddy…” The singsong girl voice trailed through the garden. It was untutored and simple, and all... Continue Reading →

The Curfew

  by Patrysha Dooke Since I’m pretty certain I won’t last the night, I thought I should scribble down some final thoughts before I go. Maybe they can help preventing this from happening again. If nothing else, it’ll distract me from the thought of dying alone in an abandoned ice cream van. Or, well, I... Continue Reading →

Not viable offspring

By Cilla de Mander   Mary sat in the waiting room at her local health center. The test had been positive and she was there for her first check-up, at six weeks pregnant. It was the same clinic where she’d done the insemination, but this time her wife couldn’t come with her. It was a... Continue Reading →

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