When Princess Turned Woman

By Susvej The last time Neil ever spoke to his daughter was a warm summer morning. Somehow, during these last few days, the promise of spring had been seamlessly transformed into the fullness of summer. “Daddy, daaaaddy… daddy, daddy, daddy…” The singsong girl voice trailed through the garden. It was untutored and simple, and all... Fortsätt läsa mer →


The Curfew

  by Patrysha Dooke Since I’m pretty certain I won’t last the night, I thought I should scribble down some final thoughts before I go. Maybe they can help preventing this from happening again. If nothing else, it’ll distract me from the thought of dying alone in an abandoned ice cream van. Or, well, I... Fortsätt läsa mer →

Not viable offspring

By Cilla de Mander   Mary sat in the waiting room at her local health center. The test had been positive and she was there for her first check-up, at six weeks pregnant. It was the same clinic where she’d done the insemination, but this time her wife couldn’t come with her. It was a... Fortsätt läsa mer →

More than a girl

By Karin Edman As I reach my 17th year and have spent my last year being plumped up by my mother and my mothers mother I am ready to come with other youngling, and walk the distance to the sea. The sea, they tell me is the biggest lake I will ever see and the... Fortsätt läsa mer →

Man flesh

By Karin Edman When I was young I used to go to the Medulla and share my meals with her. She would tell me of those in the living of old who would not partake in the flesh of men, deeming it's consumption unclean. I used to laugh, I was but a girl, and call... Fortsätt läsa mer →

The Prying Maiden

by Kalashnicore James wasn’t aware that he’d probably followed her scent for hours. Maybe for days. He only understood when he saw the tent. It was nothing much from the outside.  A simple rawhide construction apparently draped at the big boulder it resided against. In the fading light of the day the golden ray from... Fortsätt läsa mer →

The exception, I am sure

by Frk Fallsdalen   "No, Anna. I will not allow it and that is my definite answer." "You won’t even hear me out?" "It’s not gonna make a difference, Anna." "Please?!" Her cheeks flustered with frustration and humiliation. "It’s not safe, and it is not possible." "You don’t understand, it’s not like that, we..." She... Fortsätt läsa mer →

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